Restaurant and interior

The idea to create a top-class Asian restaurant in Helsinki was born years ago when Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg, the founders of Farang, worked together at the Michelin-starred Chez Dominique in Helsinki. After five years of planning and numerous research trips to Southeast Asia, Farang finally opened its doors in August of 2009. Farang is all about authentic Asian flavors.

The aim is to offer a harmony of flavors using the best ingredients and modern cooking techniques. The techniques learned, foods eaten and experience gained on all of those trips form the foundation when Björck and Wikberg create something that no one else in Finland has ever done, it results in excellent food and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere without unnecessary fine dining stiffness.

The warm and efficient service combined with the unique food and drinks is one of Farang’s assets. The restaurant’s personnel is ready to make every encounter memorable whether it is a beer after work or a long, sophisticated dinner in connection with a business meeting.

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