The cornerstones of Farang’s wine list are aromatic smells, harmony and balance. The cornerstones can be felt and tasted throughout the restaurant’s dishes and the wine aims to complement the memorable dining experience. All wine producing continents are represented on the wine list. The wines have not been selected based on a particular region or grape variety. Instead, Farang’s wine list includes both biodynamically produced artisan wines from the small Alsace-based producer Ostertag as well as the giant Australian Penfolds’ quality wines for which different price ranges can be found. Wine is primarily made as a stimulant. Here at Farang we try to avoid unnecessary formality and therefore the style is free, but mandatory. If you have any questions regarding the wine or drinks, don’t hesitate to ask our staff. If wines are not your thing, beer also goes well with Asian food. You might also want to try our various types of tea or the exotic Asian specialties on our cocktail list.